E.g., 08/04/2021
E.g., 08/04/2021
Around the world, economic development has been accompanied by the generation of about 2 billion tons of urban waste each year. The developed… More
May 12 2021
The Department of Geography and Environment at LSE and Experience Labs hosted the annual Global Circular Challenge.
Mar 25 2021
Kinnari Shah, a 2nd year PhD student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, was awarded the National Science Foundation’s… More
Mar 24 2021
Senior research scientist Vasilis Fthenakis MS’78, adjunct professor of earth and environmental engineering, was recently named a Fellow of the… More
Jan 7 2021
Press Release
New Columbia Engineering study—first to investigate the long-term effect of soil moisture-atmosphere feedbacks in drylands—finds that soil… More
Jan 4 2021
Eva Grunblatt is one of the winners of the Floyd Hasselriis Scholarship
Dec 29 2020