E.g., 02/24/2021
E.g., 02/24/2021
Senior research scientist Vasilis Fthenakis MS’78, adjunct professor of earth and environmental engineering, was recently named a Fellow of the… More
Jan 7 2021
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New Columbia Engineering study—first to investigate the long-term effect of soil moisture-atmosphere feedbacks in drylands—finds that soil… More
Jan 4 2021
Eva Grunblatt is one of the winners of the Floyd Hasselriis Scholarship
Dec 29 2020
Our faculty and students contributed breakthroughs and major advancements that will shape 2021 and beyond. Here’s just a snapshot of their many… More
Dec 21 2020
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Nov 23 2020
The New Yorker
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New observational study demonstrates that increasing air dryness does not reduce photosynthesis in certain very wet regions of the Amazon… More
Nov 20 2020
Students collaborate across continents on research discoveries
Nov 2 2020