E.g., 02/25/2021
E.g., 02/25/2021
Columbia Earth and Environmental engineers lead a $1M multi-university team funded by NSF Convergence Accelerator to use AI and machine… More
Oct 7 2020
Making cement from seawater, recycling slag into rare-earth elements, and pushing data centers toward maximum efficiency--how our labs are… More
Sep 22 2020
In the Media
The University will routinely monitor sewage leaving student dormitories to head off outbreaks of COVID-19.
Sep 15 2020
Columbia News
Researchers across Columbia Engineering have recently been awarded a number of prestigious grants to further pathbreaking work on everything… More
Aug 28 2020
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Aug 6 2020
Discover Magazine
Research ramp up across Columbia Engineering met with great enthusiasm.
Jul 7 2020
Press Release
Columbia engineers demonstrate that, as temperatures rise, northern high latitude regions will not become more conducive to vegetation… More
Jul 6 2020
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Jun 27 2020