A Better Planet By Design

Enabling the sustainable and equitable use Earth's resources is the dominant challenge of our time. Global population growth, urbanization and industrialization led to an improved human development index. But this ad hoc growth has rapidly consumed natural resources and resulted in extensive waste and environmental degradation. Despite the successes of the modern era, increased productivity and growth now threaten human health and catalyze climate change. Needed are better engineering solutions for a planet with sustained and equitable human development that treat classic "externalities" as first-class design goals.


The Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering (EEE) is a small, diverse, and outwardly facing team actively researching and developing solutions to these complex and multidisciplinary problems. EEE reconciles a deep concern for the environment with the needs of a global industrialized society. Through conscientious stewardship of our finite natural resources: minerals, energy, water, air and land, EEE pioneers crucial new environmental initiatives.

Our Award-Winning Faculty

Our faculty is made up of internationally recognized researchers, investigators, and teachers in Earth and Environmental Engineering.

Pioneering Environmental Initiatives

The Earth and Environmental Engineering program at Columbia University is committed to performing research that is engaging and impactful.

New Method Predicts Extreme Events More Accurately

Columbia Engineers develop machine-learning algorithm that will help researchers to better understand and mitigate the impact of extreme weather events, which More
May 23 2023 | By Holly Evarts | Photo Credit: Brokentaco/Flickr


Earth and Environmental Engineering MASTER OF SCIENCE PROGRAMS feature a flexible curriculum, research and internship opportunities, interaction with industry professionals, and career development services and events. GRE optional for the 2021 application cycle.

Earth and Environmental Engineering Summer Seminar Series

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