Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training is an employment authorization for international graduate students on an F-1 visa to gain practical skills and training through employment as part of the EEE curriculum.

CPT Overview

CPT provides work experience in Environmental Engineering through a relevant internship or fieldwork experience as part of their program of study as determined by the instructor. Employer feedback on student performance and the quality of the report are the basis of the grade. This course may not be taken for pass/fail credit or audited. Only 1 credit of E4999 can be credited toward the MS degree. Please visit and read the following ISSO CPT web page link for more information, guidelines and policies to apply for CPT. 

CPT Employer Letter

The letter must:

  1. be on official company letterhead
  2. have a specific start date and a specific end date
  3. include the location where your work will be performed
  4. include the number of hours per week you will work
  5. include a description of your position duties
  6. be signed and dated by your employer

You may review ISSO's example letter as a sample, but do not submit this.

CPT Request Form

A CPT Request form must be completed by you and our department.

CPT Guidelines

Masters CPT - Course: E4999

Maximum of 2 credits from CPT is allowed for the duration of the Master’s Program.

Summer Semester

Part Time (Less Than 20 Hours a Week)
1 Credit

Full Time (More Than 20 Hours a Week)
1 Credit

Spring / Fall Semester

Part Time (Less Than 20 Hours a Week)
1 Credit

Full Time (More Than 20 Hours a Week)
Not Allowed


More information on CPT procedures on from the Columbia International Scholars and Students Office (ISSO) website.