Postdoctoral Positions

See below for postdoctoral positions at Earth & Environmental Engineering

1. Data Scientist

We are developing a set of tools for water risk estimation and its financial implications for water utilities, water users and for financial risk hedging. We seek individuals with machine learning and statistics backgrounds with an interest in climate risk, financial instruments and water systems. Prior work has developed multi-century reconstructions and simulation tools for streamflow across the continental USA, and estimates of water use by sector, as well as risk metrics. The candidate will help extend these methods to develop predictions of risk across the USA at seasonal to decadal time scales, and link it to concepts such as Value at Risk or Conditional Value at Risk in different contexts.

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2. Water Systems Analyst

Many areas of the USA have been experiencing deterioration in water and wastewater services, with accompanying ecological and human health concerns. Aging infrastructure as well as poor choices for the architecture of the infrastructure are often a factor. We are trying to develop the first comprehensive identification of the water and wastewater infrastructure condition and needs across the USA so that efforts to remedy the situation can be properly directed. Minority and economically disadvantaged populations are of particular interest. In addition to the need identification, we want to develop tools that allow an exploration of the financial and technical applicability of decentralized water and wastewater treatment and reuse systems as a function of scale. We see this as the direction for the future. The candidate of interest would have skills in network optimization, smart systems, sensors and control, and be adept in spatio-temporal data analytics.

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3. Urban Disaster Response and Resilience for Smart Cities

Networked smartphones and sensors provide an unprecedented ability to monitor and dynamically respond to emerging conditions during disasters. In the context of New York City, we are exploring how one can plan and execute strategies for responding to a disaster in a highly spatially specific way given the ability to acquire a variety of data in and out of buildings, and with evolving conditions related to hurricane or nor-easter induced flooding with impacts on multi-modal mobility systems. The candidate would have analytical capabilities and interests in this topic, including but not limited to network analysis, natural language processing, machine learning and remote sensing applications.

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Send a separate email for each position if you have more than one interest.

If you do not match the skills indicated for the position, please do not apply.