Earth and Environmental Engineering Graduates, Maria Castillo and Eva Grunblatt taking on the Climate Crisis

Apr 19 2021
Maria Castillo and Eva Grunblatt

Last summer, President Lee C. Bollinger announced that Columbia University was opening a Climate School. In making that announcement, he noted there is already a "rich roster" of expertise, innovation, and research to build upon across the university in tackling the climate crisis.

The first class of Climate School students will start in the fall, but there are many students graduating this year who have spent years studying climate issues and sustainability efforts. That incoming class will be following in their worthy footsteps.

Columbia News reached out to 12 of those graduating undergraduates and graduate students to hear what they had to say about the degree they pursued at Columbia, the climate issues that most concern them, the people who inspired them, and how they hoped to use their degrees to take on one of the greatest threats facing humanity. Read More Here.