EEE's Team Led by Prof. Yip Advances to the 2nd Phase of the Solar Desalination Prize Challenge!

Oct 27 2020

The Columbia-led team spearheaded by Professor Yip is one the 19 quarterfinalists, selected from over 160 entries, to advance to the next phase of the contest in the $9 million Solar Desalination Prize. The Prize Challenge is designed to accelerate the development of technologies that use solar-thermal energy to produce clean water, expand the utilization of non-traditional water sources, ensure water security, and improve the resilience of U.S. infrastructure. The team received $50,000 in cash. The team's entry is based on the temperature swing solvent extraction (TSSE) desalination technology being developed at Columbia. Read about the announcement and 19 quarterfinalists.

A New Paradigm for Desalination.