Prof. Upmanu Lall and his team received a 1.3 milion NSF grant titled ENGAGING YOUNG BLACK AND LATINO STUDENTS IN DATA SCIENCE THROUGH WATER SECURITY

Aug 02 2021
Upmanu Lall

Upmanu Lall, Alan & Carol Silberstein Professor Of Earth & Environmental Engineering, And Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics; Director Columbia Water Center

The America’s Water Education (AWE) project will test whether a data science integrated curriculum, using visualization, exploration, and modeling/analysis of water data in an age-appropriate way, can engage young Black and Latino students and increase their interest in data science.

The project's overarching research question is: How can middle and high school young Black and Latino students be prepared to acquire the necessary knowledge/skills in data science and water security so that, if they choose, they become part of the next generation of data scientists meeting the needs of the water-dependent society? Student-centered learning opportunities will involve reliable, adaptable, intriguing, and wholly accessible data platform technologies as staple tools for water and data sciences.

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