Graduate Research Symposium

The EAEE Graduate Student Symposium is held annually in the Fall Semester.

This student-organized symposium features research oral and poster presentations by graduate students in the department to highlight their current research, as well as a keynote speech by an invited speaker.

The symposium provides an opportunity for graduate students to gain experience in delivering presentations of their research, and for Masters and Undergraduate students interested in joining a research group to gain an understanding of the different areas of research in the department.

2019 Keynote Speech

“Sustainable Design of Resource Recovery Systems”
Prof. Jeremy Guest
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2018 Keynote Speech

“To Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals You Need to Integrate and Disaggregate”
Dr. Gonzalo Pizarro
Regional Policy Adviser on Sustainable Development Goals and Development Planning at the United Nations Development Program

2017 Keynote Speech

“Membrane-Based Solutions for Challenging Waters”
Dr. Mary Theresa Pendergast
Oasys Water, Inc.