EEE Women's History Month Fireside Chat

Apr 04 2023

On Friday, March 3rd, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee of the Earth & Environmental Engineering department hosted a fireside chat to celebrate Women's History Month. The event was aimed at creating an open space for women in engineering to discuss their experiences and learn from successful women in the field. The chat featured a panel of women faculty and alumni from Columbia Engineering, who shared their expertise and industry experiences.

The panelists included Eliza Dach, Gillian Kass, Professor V. Faye McNeill, and Kristen Wainwright, who all brought their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the conversation. Eliza, a PhD candidate in the Earth & Environmental Engineering department, discussed her research on the desalination of high-salinity brine using Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction technology. Gillian, an Air Quality Engineer at Ramboll, shared her insights on working in the industry and her experience as an alumna of the program.

Professor McNeill, the Vice Chair of the Chemical Engineering department, talked about her research on atmospheric aerosol particles and ice. Kristen, an Assistant Engineer at Hazen and Sawyer, discussed her work on solving water quality and water supply challenges.

The panel was moderated by Mantjita Camara, BS '23 and Karen Copeland, BS '23, who led the discussion with thought-provoking questions and engaging dialogue. The event was a great opportunity for women in engineering to connect with others who have been in their shoes, and to build a supportive community.

The Earth & Environmental Engineering department hopes that this event will inspire more women to pursue careers in engineering and encourage them to become leaders in the field. By celebrating the achievements of successful women in the industry, we can help to break down barriers and create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive engineering community



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