EAEE Summer 2020 Mini Lecture Series

The Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering is pleased to announce its summer mini lecture series that span topics from climate change to energy storage.

The lecture will be held weekly on Friday from 1pm to 2pm throughout the summer, featuring short talks that are around 25 minutes to provide more time for faculties and students to discuss.

Our Faculty and their research

Here are posters from some research groups. As many of the posters contain unpublished research, we ask that you please keep these documents confidential.

Alissa Park Group
Dan Steingart Group
Bolun Xu Group
Alan West Group
Research 2020

Learn about our Faculty and their research with these short videos. We also encourage you to browse the faculty pages and lab websites linked below. 

Thanos Bourtsalas: Video, Faculty Page
Kartik Chandran: Faculty Page
Xi Chen: Video, Faculty Page
George Deodatis: Video, Faculty Page
Robert Farrauto: Video, Faculty Page
Pierre Gentine: Video, Faculty Page
Upmanu Lall: Faculty Page
Vijay Modi: Faculty Page
Alissa Park: Video, Faculty Page
Ponisseril Somasundaran: Faculty Page
Daniel Steingart: Faculty Page
Alan West: Video, Faculty Page
Bolun Xu: Video, Faculty Page
Ngai Yin Yip: Video, Faculty Page

Assistant Professor Bolun Xu 07.24.2020

Energy Storage: Increase or Decrease Carbon Emissions?                                                                                      

Professor Robert Farrauto 07.17.2020

The Hydrogen Economy for Residential and Vehicle Fuel Cell Applications                                      

Prof. P. "Som" Somasundaran and Dr. P. Patra 07.03.2020

Foams and Bubbles to mitigate the spreading of Corona